Interview with - Bluegrass Situation
'Anyone who has experienced introspection, lived long enough to look back, and endured love’s arrows and vagaries will connect with the material on Hearts in Need of Repair. ' - No Depression
'And what a voice it is, never showy or seeking the limelight, just impressive within the requirements of the song and that in itself, in this day and age, is a rare thing. It is that restraint, coupled with the room to breath that the songwriting affords her that makes her shine so brightly.' - Dancing About Architecture
' candid, tenderhearted lyrics set to often delicate, occasionally feisty country twang; - City Pages
' a playful yet soulful warmth on “Course Correction” and other comforting songs, suggesting a country-leaning Norah Jones or a folkier Edie Brickell.' - Star Tribune
'Top-tier songwriting crafts noticeable, atmospheric peaks and valleys with the honey in Morris’ voice ringing the most out of every single note' - Growing Old With Rock N' Roll
' “Empty Seat” is note perfect. No joke...It’s easily the best turn on a great album.' - Music You Can Use
'She shows a real flair for taking the common feelings of love songs and giving them profound intimacy redeeming any of their formulaic elements.' - Burned Out Borders
'Fantastic songwriting, knockout instrumentation and Morris’ soaring voice are the glue that holds together an upper echelon recording that doesn’t have a dull moment in sight.' - The Modern Beat
'The loveliness of the entire album cannot be overstated ' - Skope Magazine